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Artificial Grass Cleaning Leighton Buzzard

Domestic & Commercial

Leighton Buzzard Artificial Grass Cleaning - Trading Standards Approved

At One Stop Services, we believe that the maintenance of your artificial lawn is just as essential as when you first installed it, so we offer artificial grass washing/cleaning services in Leighton Buzzard.

From our experience, we recommend that you should have your lawn professionally cleaned at least once a year. Not only will this increase the longevity of your lawn, but it will also keep it in the most desirable condition it can be all year round.

Power washing your lawn can be a fast, easy and effective way to clean it.

Here are a few reasons why people may be interested in having their artificial grass pressure washed:

Unlike natural grass, where pet, oil or food stains would eventually grow out or get mown away, stains and spills in artificial grass need to be resolved to maintain the quality look and feel of your synthetic grass.

When we use a pressure washer, it de-compacts the original infill and thoroughly flushes out any old smelly contaminants. Then, as the high-pressure water shoots directly into the turf using a surface sweeper, the water bounces off the backing, allowing complete flushing of the infill, commonly affected by compacted debris. Loosening this debris packed between the microscopic spaces between the infill with our high-pressure washer allows the artificial turf system to breathe essentially.

If you have sizeable artificial grass areas, then regular pressure washing maintenance will help your artificial lawn last anywhere between 15 and 25 years, depending on its use.

If you would like a free price quotation for artificial grass cleaning services in Leighton Buzzard, please contact us.