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Stone & Brick Cleaning Brackley

Domestic & Commercial

Brackley Stone & Brick Cleaning | Trading Standards Approved

Our cleaning company provides stone and brick cleaning services throughout Brackley and the broader areas.

If your brickwork or stone walls require a thorough clean to remove graffiti, ivy or old chipping paint or built-up grime, we offer a cleaning solution.

Over time, a building or wall's exterior brick and stonework are subject to corrosive natural elements. Over time, these brick and stone surface dust, algae, moss and lichen. This build-up has an apparent aesthetic effect on the house/building or wall.

We can restore the original finish to most hardcore surface areas using our high-pressure jet washing equipment throughout Brackley.

Stone & Brick Cleaners Brackley

We have found our Graffiti removal services are often in high demand and frequently requested by commercial business and building in Brackley. Graffiti is not only a visual blight; it can also be downright offensive, with many tags being racially offensive. As a commercial business, you cannot afford to ignore graffiti tags as they can harm the image of your business if not removed promptly and professionally.

Ivy on exterior walls is a common problem that home or business owner tend to overlook. Although ivy on walls looks innocent, the roots can damage the building's fabric, resulting in expensive repairs.

If you are looking for a high-pressure brickwork or stone cleaning service in Brackley, please contact us for a free quote.